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MDM Admin February 7, 2024

Mobile Device Management

MDM (Mobile Device Management) solutions manage and secure mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets used within an organization. They enforce security policies, control access to data and applications, and remotely wipe devices in case of loss or theft. 

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Features and

benefits of Mobile Device Management

Security Policy Enforcement

Enforce security policies on mobile devices to ensure compliance with organizational standards and regulatory requirements, reducing the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access.

Access Control

Control access to sensitive data and applications based on user roles and responsibilities, limiting the exposure of confidential information and protecting intellectual property.

Remote Device Management

Remotely manage and configure mobile devices, including deploying software updates, installing applications, and troubleshooting issues, improving operational efficiency and reducing downtime. 

Data Encryption

Encrypt data stored on mobile devices to prevent unauthorized access in case of loss or theft, safeguarding sensitive information and maintaining data confidentiality. 

App Management

Manage and distribute mobile applications to users, ensuring they have access to necessary tools while maintaining control over app usage and preventing the installation of malicious software. 

Lost Device Protection

Implement measures to locate lost or stolen devices, remotely lock or wipe device data to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information, and maintain data security. 

Used Technologies

Device Management Software
Centralized management platform for configuring, monitoring, and securing mobile devices
Tools for managing and distributing mobile applications, including app deployment
Separates corporate and personal data on mobile devices using containerization techniques
Mobile Content Management (MCM)
Solutions for securely accessing and sharing corporate data on mobile devices
Sets geographical boundaries to control device behavior based on location, allowing organizations
Integrates with IAM solutions to authenticate users and control access to resources
Threats Attacks
Device Theft or Loss
Mobile Malware
Unauthorized Access
Data Interception

Case Studies

Challenges you may remediate with Perception point

Device Theft

A company’s employee loses their smartphone containing sensitive customer data. Without MDM in place, the device is not encrypted, and access controls are weakRead More

Mobile Malware Attack

Malware disguised as a legitimate application infects several employee smartphones within an organization. The malware steals confidential information and disrupts device.Read More


Unauthorized Access

An employee’s mobile device is stolen, and the thief gains access to corporate email and sensitive documents. MDM enables remote device wiping, mitigating the risk.Read More

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