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Browser Security Admin February 7, 2024

Browser Security

Browser Security technologies encompass a range of features and solutions aimed at protecting users from web-based threats while browsing the internet. These technologies include secure browsing features, sandboxing, URL filtering, and browser isolation solutions, all working together to safeguard users against malicious websites, drive-by downloads, and browser exploits. 

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Features and

benefits of Browser Security

Secure Browsing

Ensures users navigate the web safely by identifying and blocking malicious websites and phishing attempts, reducing the risk of malware infections and data breaches. 


Isolates browser processes from the underlying operating system, preventing malware from spreading to other parts of the system and minimizing the impact of security vulnerabilities.

URL Filtering

Filters out malicious URLs and web content based on predefined security policies, preventing users from accessing potentially harmful websites and content. 

Browser Isolation

Executes web content in a virtualized environment away from the user’s device, protecting against browser-based attacks and ensuring sensitive data remains secure. 

Real-time Threat Intelligence

Utilizes threat intelligence feeds to detect and block emerging threats in real-time, providing proactive protection against evolving cyber threats. 

Cross-platform Compatibility

Offers compatibility across different browsers and operating systems, ensuring consistent protection for users regardless of their device or platform. 

Used Technologies

Secure Browsing Extensions
Browser extensions that enhance security by blocking malicious websites, phishing attempts
Sandboxing Mechanisms
Built-in sandboxing features within browsers isolate web content from the underlying system
URL Filtering Services
Cloud-based URL filtering services that categorize and block access to malicious websites
Browser Isolation Solutions
Virtualization technologies that execute web content in isolated containers, protecting endpoints
Threat Intelligence Feed
Integration with threat intelligence platforms to receive real-time updates on emerging threats and security vulnerabilities
Cross-platform Security Tools
ecurity solutions compatible with multiple browsers and operating systems
Threats Attacks
Malicious Websites
Drive-by Downloads
Browser Exploits
Phishing Attacks
Man-in-the-Browser Attacks

Case Studies

Challenges you may remediate with Perception point

Malicious Website Infection

A user visits a compromised website containing malicious scripts that exploit browser vulnerabilities to download and install malware onto the  deviceRead More

Phishing Campaign

Employees receive phishing emails directing them to fake login pages designed to steal their credentials. Several employees unknowingly provide their login credentials... Read More


Browser Exploit Kit

An attacker exploits a known vulnerability in a popular browser to deliver a browser exploit kit (BEK) to unsuspecting users. The BEK leverages browser vulnerabilities to download... Read More

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