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What is DMARC Parser and How can you use it Admin January 20, 2021

What is DMARC Parser and How can you use it

An online tool called DMARC Parser allows you to translate your DMARC authentication data in a format that is easily understood by a person who has no knowledge of markup languages. The DMARC Parser makes it easy to understand  your data. It presents it in a simple, human-level language that is straightforward and clear.

Why DMARC Parser ?

Your domain’s safety is important. These reports can help you identify spoofing attempts, and reveal unauthorized IP addresses. You can also use this data to quickly identify issues with email delivery from your domain. To read the data you will need to hire a technical expert in XML. This is not a cost-effective option.

A DMARC Parser is an AI-assisted technical expert that does the same work for a fraction of the price. It integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure and converts your reporting data in real time.

       *Reduces human labor

       *Overhead charges are reduced

       *This reduces the time and effort

       *Easy to deploy

       *Colorful visuals and accurate data


How do you deploy a DMARC parser?

You will need the following information to use PowerDMARC DMARC parser tool:

Register with an email address to get a free account at PowerDMARC. The trial plan is valid for 15 days.

After logging in, you can use the DMARC records generator tool for creating a record for your domain(s). The generated information must be published on your DNS. To enable reporting,                ensure that your record includes the “rua” tag which specifies an email address.

Within 72 hours of implementation, you can access your first parsed DMARC data report data via the dashboard

You can filter aggregated results according your preference with 7 different viewing formats. Results can be filtered by sending sources, organizational domains, geolocations and IP addresses.

Full-platform Whitelabel options on our DMARC Parser and authentication suite are available.

Parse DMARC Aggregate Data

You don’t have to struggle to understand how to interpret DMARC reports written in a complex extensible Markup Language. Get a DMARC Parser today!

Implementing DMARC offers high levels of protection against phishing attacks and spoofing. It is also good for your brand’s reputation, email deliveryability, and can help you protect your domain from ransomware.

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