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What Hysolate means for Perception Point’s future Admin March 30, 2022

What Hysolate means for Perception Point’s future

What Hysolate means for Perception Point's future

Perception Point acquires Hysolate

Yoram Salinger is the CEO of Perception and discusses the acquisition of Hysolate, a next-generation web isolation platform that uses an endpoint-centric approach in order to protect against malicious web threats

This is why Perception Point customers find this exciting

Perception Point was originally founded as an Anti-Zero Day Attack business. This innovative technology was patented and used as a foundation to develop and deliver the first cloud-native SaaS email protection solution. We also expanded our product line to include cloud collaboration channels.

We are still on the road to delivering our promise to protect organizations, regardless of their size and industry, against threats arising from the most aggressive vectors.

We have been speaking with CISOs around the world and learned that email and web are still the most popular attack vectors. This is especially true as attackers become more organized and sophisticated. Digital transformation initiatives and remote work trends are driving an unprecedented increase in content-based attacks. Most security teams can’t keep up with the pace.

There have been many approaches to protecting organizations from web-based attacks over the years. Each has its own limitations. They don’t have the ability to detect all types of attacks, are not user-friendly, cost a lot and don’t make financial sense.

This “old” problem is being solved in a new way. We propose a comprehensive and complete solution for web security. The SaaS solution is cloud-native, easy to use, and built on best practices for user experience. It is applicable to all organizations, regardless of size, industry, or partners.

How can Hysolate help us realize this vision?

Hysolate is a pioneer in the category of local browser isolation as defined by Gartner. It uses groundbreaking virtualization technology that seamlessly isolates access to suspicious content to prevent the most serious cyber threats.

Initial deployment of Hysolate was with a hybrid architecture that allowed enterprises to run multiple systems side-by-side. The company then introduced the first Isolated Workspace-as-a-Service (IWaaS) followed by an isolated browser, which took web security to the next level without impacting user experience. Hysolate lets users access any unreliable website using their regular browser, providing a seamless experience. Hysolate isolates the browser within a lightweight virtual machine. This allows users to safely access any unsafe website while protecting their organization. Hysolate prevents any web-based threat by isolating any suspicious URL or downloaded file. Hysolate also protects against ransomware and phishing as well as against insider threats, human error, and other threats. It can help to safeguard sensitive enterprise data from loss.

Hysolate’s isolation tech can be integrated with our products. The benefits are obvious. Our vision is to deliver a multi-layered cybersecurity defense that covers all communication channels including email, cloud storage platforms and cloud apps. We also prevent accidental data loss. The new service will provide a single-source solution for all content-based threats to our rapidly expanding customer base. It includes a complete protection cycle, including isolation of the activity and identification of potential risks, containment, and analysis of the event. This will help protect and secure the company’s digital assets as well as critical communication channels, without compromising the user experience.

Moving onwards and upwards!

Perception Point couldn’t have been happier to welcome Hysolate. We have discovered that we share a common culture based on trust, teamwork and a customer-first approach. Both of us care deeply about innovation and our people. We are excited to see what we can accomplish together.

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