Infrastructure Monitoring
LogicMonitor provides extensive visibility into hybrid infrastructure environments. With 2000+ monitoring integrations built-in, we help eliminate tool sprawl and context switching with a unified view of infrastructure health and performance. Monitor resource utilization, network usage and performance, and other critical infrastructure metrics with support for: Networks and networking gear Cloud and container resources Servers, storage, and databases Websites SaaS services essential for remote work Applications, IOT devices, and more
How LogicMonitor Works ?
Server Monitoring
Rapidly monitor server health Quickly drill down into CPU, memory and many other OS metrics from your servers. Track all of your server based applications such as databases, mail servers, and web servers. Go beyond basic server monitoring and see how the performance of your servers correlate to cloud instances, virtual machines, RAID controllers, physical drives, battery systems, interfaces, and other hardware. If it involves data, we can monitor it.
Network monitoring
Understand how your network is affecting service delivery LogicMonitor goes beyond simply monitoring your network. With over 2000 integrations, LogicMonitor has your cloud, on-premises, and hybrid IT environments covered and has the power to drill into your applications, servers, storage arrays and more. Get the unified view you need to reduce mean time to resolution and allow you to correlate network performance with other key infrastructure components.
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