Vicarius: TOPIA

Prevent hackers from exploiting corporate devices—and restore your sleep.

Vicarius: TOPIA

Detection and Remediation with a New Approach to Patching

Vicarius is a team of engineers, designers and security experts passionate about cyberthreat protection. They believe in taking a proactive approach to vulnerability management because when it comes to your most critical assets, you need to be prepared for unexpected attacks. By providing SMEs with the tools, they need to ensure they're always protected, they’re helping to make the world a safer and more secure place for all.

TOPIA is a cloud-based platform to assess, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities in applications,assets,and operating systems.

Advantages of TOPIA

1.Patchless Protection: In-memory protection for software binaries and libraries.

2.Hands-off Deployment: Cloud-first architecture, no local hardware needed.

3.Data Prioritization: Proprietary MapReduce engine to collect, format, and analyse execution attributes.

4.Software Binary Tracking: Proprietary database for publicly available software binaries and libraries.

5.Blindspot Detection: Agent deployment is used to scan for unmanaged devices.




    Why TOPIA?

    • Vulnerability Assessment and Patch Management from a Single Dashboard
    • Adaptable for both On-premises and BYOD business model.
    • Patch scattered devices from a single portal
    • SaaS-based, Easy to Integrate and Use
    • 5 Minute Set up and Deployment


TOPIA is a consolidated Vulnerability Remediation platform that allows covering different OSs (e.g Windows, MacOS, and Linux.) and 3rd party applications from the same dashboard to efficiently target all risks.