RevBits Cyber Intelligence Platform takes XDR to full speed security


Protect Against Cyber threats with RevBits Security Solutions

RevBits was started to improve the cyber defense options available to organizations of all sizes. Cyber Intelligence Platform of RevBits with multiple security solutions that are built with superior technology, takes XDR to full speed security. The integrated platform offers superior protection by sharing threat intelligence from multiple security modules.


    Endpoint Security:  SAAS-Hosted Proxy, Full Remote session 3 Phase Analysis of New executables, Advance exploit detection, Process Recording, Effective Anti-Ransomeware model with complete EDR features with a deep control over endpoints.

    Privileged Access Management: RevBits PAM protects network assets and privileged accounts through modules including privileged access, privileged session, password, CI/CD access management, service account management, key management, and certificate management.

    Email Security:  A Next Generation Email Security solution with multi layer analysis that protects against malicious emails at the danger point - the Endpoint.

    Deception Technology:  RevBits Deception Technology is with dual-layer virtualization and real honeypot servers. It can deploy multiple honeypots with a click of button and minimal resource consumption.

    Zero Trust Network: SAAS-Hosted Proxy, Full Remote session control and it extend the perimeter to the end user with a high-availability access portal. It supports all mobile devices with native applications.

RevBits Endpoint Security (EPS) vs Ramsay Darkhotel Malware