Perception Point

Prevention - Based Security Across Email & All Collaboration Channels.

Perception Point

Next-Generation Email and Cloud Apps Security

In recent times, collaboration channels have become the most attacked domain. Therefore, safeguarding it has become the need of the hour. Perception Point provides fast detection of any content-borne attack across all collaboration channels including email, cloud storage, CRM apps, and messaging platforms. 

Our multi-layered platform provides unprecedented detection and prevention of APTs, phishing, malware, spam, BEC attacks, files & URL threat, spoofing, and more, delivered with the speed, scale, and flexibility of the cloud. A special HAP layer provides protection against zero-day and N-day attacks. Perception point is one simple solution that scans all content within 30 seconds. Perception points can be implemented with just a few clicks without interfering with the existing processes. 



    CHANNEL COVERAGE                                      DETECTION TECHNOLOGY                                              

    • Email                                                                     Phishing
    • Internal Emails                                                      BEC               
    • Cloud Storage                                                      ATO & Lateral    
    • Instant Messaging                                                Malware
    • Cloud Apps                                                          Zero-days & N-days
    • API                                                                        Evasion
    • AWS S3 Bucket                                                    X-Ray    

Learn how perception point provides protection to collaboration channels against Zero-day, N-day and Everyday threats.