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Email Security Solutions & Collaboration Security Services Admin March 15, 2024

Email & Collaboration security

Email security uses technology to inspect incoming emails for malicious threats and encrypt–or secure–outbound email traffic to protect mailboxes, data, users, and organizations from cybersecurity attacks and schemes. Cloud email security is increasingly important as more and more companies migrate to a cloud or hybrid email platform.

There are many types of email security technologies:


1. Secure Email Gateway (SEG)

SEGs are used to protect against malicious or unwanted email (i.e. SEGs are designed to prevent spam, phishing attacks, and malware. Send the appropriate email to the address provided.

2. Email Sandboxing

Email-specific malware sandboxing is used to analyze and detonate suspicious emails for malware, links, or files.

3. Email Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence provides reputation information about URLs and files, URL filtering, and access to intel analysts on demand who can offer insights on threats.


Integrated DMARC security is a way to ensure that the extended infrastructure functions properly and to prevent fraudulent attempts to spoof your organization’s email addresses to your clients or users.

5. Email Machine Learning (ML) For Security

Email-based machine learning can detect deviations in the relationships between sender, and recipient, as well as BEC and email fraud.


Why Collaboration Security is Important?

In the past, transactions were most often face-to-face interactions between businesses that knew each other well. The internet has widened the business opportunities as customers and businesses interact in a “faceless society”. The faceless nature of these transactions has paved the way for greater vulnerabilities. The popularity and continued adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) devices and cloud computing presents new challenges and security risks such as evolving threats, high cost of data breaches etc. Advantages of employing collaboration security include:

  • Information exchange benefits everyone.
  • It encourages diverse expertise.
  • Provides real-time visibility.
  • Fosters private-public relationship.

SEGs vs ICES Solutions

In today’s world, fast communication and easy access are something that’s essential in everyone’s life. To ensure this, one of the channels which is much cheaper and more efficient is electronic mails or EMAILS. With the increased use of the same, threats associated with this are also rapidly growing. There comes the introduction of two types of Email security solutions, named as SEGs (Secured Email Gateways) and ICES (Integrated Cloud Email Security), that will safeguard our email gateways against all types of vulnerable threats. SEGs are known for their protection activities for years, whereas ICES are newly introduced email security with more advanced features.

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