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Management Application Security Admin March 15, 2024

Application Security Solutions

Application security is the area of processes, tools and practices aiming to protect applications from threats throughout the entire application lifecycle. Cyber criminals are organized, specialized, and motivated to find and exploit vulnerabilities in enterprise applications to steal data, intellectual property, and sensitive information. Application security can help organizations protect all kinds of applications (such as legacy, desktop, web, mobile, micro services) used by internal and external stakeholders including customers, business partners and employees.

Application security solutions have advanced rapidly:

SAST (Static Application Security Testing)

Static analysis allows your development teams to identify and fix bugs in your code before it is released to production.

DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing)

DAST allows internal teams to identify vulnerabilities in live applications. This method can identify issues that could be further modified or exploited.

SCA (Software Composition Analysis)

Development teams can integrate SCA directly in their code repositories to avoid unnecessary risk. This includes monitoring versions, known vulnerabilities and publicly available exploits, licensing, and any compliance issues related to unsafe components within your application or container portfolio.

WAF  (Web Application Firewall)

WAFs are a front-end layer of defense that protects web applications. They can filter, block and monitor signature-based traffic from known attack types. Although WAFs are capable of blocking attacks, they do not consider the back-end.

RASP (Runtime App Self-Protection

RASP offers a layer in back-end protection to allow your applications to protect themselves against known and zero day attacks while still allowing the application to develop at its own speed.

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