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Channel Next, Cyber security Company, UAE


Service Admin March 15, 2024

About Us

Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Channel Next is a forward-thinking Value-Added Distributor platform that transcends conventional distribution methods by offering cutting-edge technology and cybersecurity products and services that are new to the region. 

Channel Next is continually expanding its range of offerings, with a dedicated team of industry experts tirelessly exploring worldwide for groundbreaking, practical, and viable technological advancements, products, and solutions to address the existing gaps in the cybersecurity domain and set the stage for future business innovations. 

Our strength lies in empowering our partners to remain at the forefront of next-gen security technologies, providing them with essential tools for technical support, pre-sales, post-sales, marketing strategies, financial solutions, and more through our comprehensive managed services to seize greater opportunities. Together with our partners, we harness the power of advanced technologies and solutions, positioning you to become a leading force in the channel business. 



5 Core Areas

At Channel Next, our mission is to identify and deliver top technology solutions across five key areas, assisting organizations in establishing and optimizing their fundamental technology infrastructures. 

Our management approach is centered on strategic leadership and proactive oversight, ensuring operational excellence across all facets of our business. We prioritize clear communication, effective decision-making, and continuous improvement to drive success and foster a culture of innovation and collaboration within our organization and with our partners.

We are designed to secure every user device, from laptops to mobile phones, against evolving threats. By combining advanced security technologies with real-time monitoring and response, we protect sensitive data and maintain system integrity, ensuring seamless and safe operations for businesses of all sizes. 

We offer scalable, flexible, and secure cloud computing solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses. We empower organizations to leverage the cloud for innovation, agility, and cost efficiency, ensuring robust security measures are in place to protect data and applications in the cloud environment.

Our application services focus on securing and optimizing the performance of business-critical applications. We employ comprehensive security measures to safeguard applications from vulnerabilities, enhance user experience, and ensure uninterrupted business operations, enabling organizations to rely on their applications as reliable and secure tools for success. 

We are designed to ensure the reliability, speed, and security of business networks. We provide comprehensive network management services, including monitoring, optimization, and protection against cyber threats, to maintain uninterrupted connectivity and support the increasingly complex network needs of modern businesses. 

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