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RevBits PAM Provides Chameleon-Like Adaptability Admin February 7, 2023

RevBits PAM Provides Chameleon-Like Adaptability

Key Points About the RevBits PAM Chameleon-Adaptability 

  • Cybersecurity solutions are constantly evolving to keep up with the ever-changing threat landscape. 
  • Deploying a PAM solution can be complex and may involve unexpected costs related to third-party software. 
  • RevBits PAM, which is based on Linux, offers several advantages over PAM products that are based on Windows. 

Modern cybersecurity solutions need to be flexible and adaptable to meet the ever-changing needs of enterprise IT infrastructure, application workloads, and the expanding threat landscape, regardless of whether resources are on-premises, SaaS, or in the cloud. Just like chameleons in nature, cybersecurity solutions must have the innate ability to make fast adjustments and alterations to combat malicious actors. 

However, deploying PAM can be complex and costly, especially if the product is Windows-based and requires additional Windows servers and SQL servers. This can quickly exceed budgets and cause frustration. That’s where modern cybersecurity platforms like RevBits PAM come in. They are designed to scale, expand, and seamlessly exchange cross-functional security data to help IT, security, and risk management teams stay ahead of threats. With RevBits PAM, you can have a powerful and cost-effective solution that meets your privileged identity needs without breaking the bank. 

RevBits PAM flexibly scales and adapts to meet your needs 

RevBits PAM is a powerful access security management solution that secures, controls, manages, and monitors access to enterprise resources. It employs a jump server architecture to enhance access security management capabilities, providing two crucial security benefits. Firstly, users and servers are never directly connected, preventing backdoor access credentials. Secondly, all session recordings are conducted by the jump servers, safeguarding against malicious activity. RevBits jump server generates one-time, randomly generated credentials, isolating user sessions for maximum security. RevBits PAM is highly adaptable, supporting Active Directory, LDAP, and Kerberos, and works seamlessly within major cloud environments like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. With RevBits PAM, administrators can define filters for servers, including specific zones, data centers, IP ranges, and tags, and automatically pull the servers into the system. It is also network segmentation aware, automatically handling connections to segmented assets through the jump server. 

RevBits PAM is built on Linux, the preferred OS for mission-critical deployments 

Linux is a secure, reliable, and cost-effective operating system that serves as an excellent platform for RevBits PAM and jump server. As an open-source software, Linux eliminates server software and user licensing costs, making it an attractive option for enterprises that want to expand their operations without any encumbrances. RevBits PAM combines the flexibility of a command-line interface with an intuitive GUI that allows users to control a broad range of processes, threads, registry, and file systems with ease. Moreover, it provides a one-click action for frequently used activities and can automate the process of gathering data for forensic investigation and analysis. Unlike Windows-based PAM solutions, RevBits PAM on Linux does not require server reboots when updating and patching servers. It is also lightweight and consumes fewer resources, resulting in faster performance. Furthermore, RevBits PAM is built on a modern architecture that enables easy expansion and adaptation, including the native inclusion of privileged access management capabilities, password management, privileged session management, service account management, web application access management, third-party access management, certificate management, and key management. With RevBits PAM, users can add additional servers without incurring additional server software costs and license fees. 

As in nature, adaptability is key for protection and survival 

RevBits PAM offers flexible and scalable privileged access management for your IT environment. As a Linux-based solution, it eliminates the need for a full admin account in Active Directory and does not require an agent on end-user machines. Its lightweight design can run on-premises or in the cloud in small docker containers. RevBits PAM supports many types of connections simultaneously without a desktop agent and includes pre-defined SaaS applications and custom web app integration. Its behavioral analytics detect anomalies in privileged account usage patterns, triggering alerts for quick action. With multi-factor authentication and integration with AD, LDAP, and Kerberos, RevBits PAM offers secure privileged management, session management, and elevation management. Additionally, its automated onboarding and credential rotation features ensure hard-coded credentials are up-to-date. Discover privileged accounts wherever they are located with RevBits PAM. 

Expand PAM administration with onboard workflow manager 

Onboard Workflow Manager (OWM) is a powerful GUI-based workflow engine that is natively integrated into RevBits PAM. With its drag-and-drop design, admins can easily create access request workflows for individual assets or groups of assets. Automating the approval process saves time, money, and resources, making the process up to ten times faster and more efficient. The multilevel approval system supports granting access to resources, with all approved workflows stored for audit and analysis, attributed to users, credentials, resources, and groups. 

The intuitive dashboard makes it easy to define workflow steps for user role approvals, with one-click approval recalls available. Workflow processes and user activity are integrated with RevBits PAM behavior analytics and can be easily integrated with any SIEM. Streamline your access request workflows with OWM in RevBits PAM. 

RevBits PAM makes it easy to manage server access and privileges 

RevBits offers an advanced proxy with support for RDP, SSH, HTTP, and Oracle SQL, making it a more efficient and manageable option for jump servers. Its architecture includes PAM servers, jump servers, and proxy support for each protocol and module, ensuring seamless integration. With native clients for popular database servers like Oracle, SQL, MSSQL, MySQL, Cassandra, and PostgreSQL, RevBits PAM enables secure communication using familiar client applications while preventing direct connections to actual servers. 

RevBits PAM provides IT and security personnel with adaptable scalability and cost-efficiency. Its natively integrated security features offer comprehensive protection and a single view for managing all privileged threat surfaces. With API functionality and seamless integration, RevBits PAM streamlines privileged access management for better operational efficiency. 

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