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Perception Point Advanced Email Security Admin January 18, 2022

Perception Point Advanced Email Security

What is our primary use case? 

Perception Point Advanced Email Security scans incoming emails. Our majority of clients are using Office 365. 

How has it helped my organization? 

We can’t even pass a day without using Perception Point Advanced Email Security. Email communication is very  critical in B2B Business . Our whole business  depends on emails and its contents. Perception Point  gives us the holistic protection  for our day to day business with advanced protection from all malicious threats. 

What is most valuable? 

Finding a delicate balance between user experience and security is the toughest challenge while looking for a security solution . We found perception point is extremely doing well much beyond our expectations. Faster delivery of emails is one of the key feature we really liked the most .Simple implementation for enabling the protection is the second , since it is a Integrated Cloud Email Security solution which based on API ,we can configure it without changing the MX record. In depth analysis , reporting and quick technical support are the other features we liked .   For any malicious content found in emails, it gives in-depth analysis reports to end users. If you log into the console, you can see in-depth detection and how it happens.  We receive SOC analysis reports from the Perception Point X-Ray console, where you can view a majority of the incident or SOC reports. If you are an exchange admin, you can extract all  information from the report. You can also configure customised  reports. Still if you need any more in-depth analysis  just take a screenshot and send it to the support.  Perception Point is hosted on AWS S3. This is why we can very quickly scan emails. If you are receiving an email with an attachment, it can be received in two or three seconds. Its detection and delivery are very fast and false positives are really less. 

What needs improvement? 

Our users would like the solution to scan outgoing emails. So, if my system is compromised, and I have malicious content in my system, then there is a possibility that I send malicious email to my colleague. There is a dependency on AWS cloud.This means if the cloud service is down, which may impact the perception point’s email delivery.So it would be great if there is any HA for the solution. I would like a user-friendly configuration, like APIs. This solution is API-friendly configuration by following the steps provided. It would be great if it could be  automate it, like the Avanan.Also, it would be good if Perception Point Advanced Email Security could have an MSP model. During the early stages of working with this solution, there were some constraints and issues. 

For how long have I used the solution? 

We have been using the solution for a year. What do I think about the stability of the solution? It is very stable. We never experience any downtime.False positives are very less. 

What do I think about the scalability of the solution? 

I can very easily add mailboxes, domains, email servers, etc. Scalability is super easy. We have less than 10 mailboxes in our organization. We now have more than 20 customers with more than 1,000 mailboxes. Everyone is very happy with the product. 

How are customer service and support? 

We have confidence in terms of its support. It is an interactive support. If there are any issues, we can just take a screenshot and send that to the support who will immediately respond. Perception Point’s incident management is really good. It has interactive support. As soon as we deliver a system to a client, they have access to contact the support. I am not using the vendor’s Incident Response team feature, but a couple of our end users are using it. We have educated them how to access the detailed analysis report from the X-Ray portal. After that, very few cases contacted us for the  vendor’s Incident Response team assistance. When needed, they have provided the report from the back-end. 

How would you rate customer service and support? Positive. 

Which solution did I use previously and why did I switch? 

This company started a year ago and has been using and selling this product since then. Perception Point was the first vendor that we onboarded. 

How was the initial setup? 

It is straightforward. It may take some time to get into the system, but once it is placed, none of our customers complain about this product. They are very happy. It takes about five minutes after we deploy the solution for it to start delivering value. 

What about the implementation team? 

No specific skill set is needed to maintain it. Our mail admin can monitor it. One or two people are in charge of it. A team won’t need specific resources to monitor or manage it. We provide adequate training so our clients can utilize their existing resources to manage the solution. 

What was our ROI? 

The detection rate is very high with this product. None of our customers have complained about any major issues. 

Whoever onboards with us is extremely happy. We have started getting the renewals for the solution. 

The solution has helped to reduce the number of alerts received by our endpoint layer. Per mailbox each week, there are fewer than 10 alerts. So, in a month, there are fewer than 50. It prevents about 100 threats of malicious content per mailbox a month. 

What’s my experience with pricing, setup cost, and licensing? 

It has very reasonable pricing. comparatively  the end user is paying for the other market leaders for email security (proof point , Mimecast ..etc). Perception Point is really worth in terms of holistic protection without compromising the user experience. One interesting fast is that users are able to test this product without replacing the existing solution during the POC , if they found perception point works as per their expectation they can configure /replace the solution within 15 minutes of configuration steps without changing their mx record .If they have multiple domains everything can be configured and manage it from one xray console (perception point).  Its a simple configuration and no need any unique skill set to manage it.  

Which other solutions did I evaluate? 

I have experience using Proofpoint, Mimecast, and Avanan. While these are high quality products, the email delivery in Perception Point is super fast. Perception Point will scan and deliver emails very fast. Perception Point’s detection rate is very high. You are not able to see this from any of the competitors. In Perception Point, you can see the detection rate, how in-depth malicious emails are detected.Email scanning is really deep level. The user can go in and check it from the report. 

What other advice do I have? 

Everyone is super happy with this product. I would rate this solution as nine out of 10. 

Which deployment model are you using for this solution? Public 

Cloud If public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid cloud, which cloud provider do you use? Microsoft Azure 


SEGs work in a more efficient manner to protect emails from all types of malicious activities. All the incoming email traffic to the organization is first fed to SEGs, where it actively monitors and evaluates all the stuff and thereby acting as a vault against threats. After successful scanning and filtering, the affected files or spams or any malicious things found are separated and isolated from emails, ensuring a clean and threat-free incoming email traffic to the email service provider and to the end-users. 

ICES are much more advanced and efficient email security solutions, which can be termed as “Light SEGs”, in the market. One of the main advantages of ICES is that they are specially designed and integrated for cloud-native applications, and hence could support the new features and updates happening with all SaaS solutions out there. As it’s a cloud-based solution, it can support and identify all possible threats at a much faster rate and in large volumes compared to SEGs. Moreover, ICES are a much-simplified form of email security solutions as there is no need to change MX record instead it ensure protection by the  API integration. With ICES integrated technologies email protection is much easier, more efficient, and reliable against all sorts of sophisticated malicious attacks. ICES acts as the main front-line protection against threats by being second in the lineup just after the email service provider. With the advanced features like detection of internal accounts, claw-back functionality, popping up notifications for informing users about the real-time status, ability to move messages into built-in classification mailboxes, and by protecting additional collaboration tools, ICES have become the perfect all-time email security solutions nowadays. 


ICES solutions are incorporated in a special manner like directly integrated into the cloud email provider through an API or a Routing Rule/Connector. The majority of the email security solutions are meant for API integration mode, whereas a small number also support Routing Rule or connector integration. 

Perception Point  


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