WEBINAR: Zero Trust : Secure the Remote Access without VPN

Zero Trust Network Access [ZTNA] has been the talk of the town for quite a while. What is ZTNA? In a Zero Trust model, there is no such thing as a trusted source. The model assumes would-be attackers are present both inside and outside the network. As such, every request to access the system must be authenticated, authorized, encrypted, and granted the least access.

Join us as Mr. Satish Kumar V, Co-founder, and CEO, and Mr. Abhirup Sarkar, Director-Middle East, East India & SAARC  from Everest IMS discusses about ZTNA and how their product Infraon SecuRA can help[ us achieve Zero trust. Know more about ZTNA from the experts!

Topic of discussion.

    • EverestIMS Company Background
    • What is ZTNA and its importance?
    • What is Infraon SecuRA and its features?
    • Why replace VPN with ZTNA?
    • Partner Program Benefits
    • Q & A