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Ensure your Emails are properly secured with 4 Tips Admin February 22, 2024

Ensure your Emails are properly secured with 4 Tips

Cyber security attacks, are one of the most commonly occurring threats in the modern era. As our world is connected mainly through the information technology sector, cyber threats have got its key roles to play within. And it’s evident that Emails are the simplest & oldest form of communication with which connections are made ever since the introduction of the cyber field. Because of this, Emails are more susceptible to all type of cyber-attacks and could be doubted to be the starting point of all vulnerable threats happening in an organization level. One of the main reasons for the targeted Email attacks would be the lack of legacy Email security solutions, whereas on other hand attackers are becoming proficient in cyber-attacks with the latest technologies around. So, it’s high time now to think of grabbing advanced Email security solutions that would help the companies in staying out from these sorts of malicious activities. 

Now, let us look into some of the four important aspects that would help organizations to cut off the Email security gap. 

  • 1. To begin with, make sure you do a detailed study and critical analysis about the current Email security solutions available in the market, before making your choice. Also, take into consideration, the pros of your chosen email security solution compared with your existing ones. That is, you should consider an Email security solution based on its detection rate performances, by evaluating it with a POC, that will handle threats more efficiently than the existing Email security solution. 
  • 2.  Always go for Email security solutions that are much versatile in its nature, and are well advanced in its user interface. Get the best email security solutions that are periodically installed with the latest updates and technologies to fight against the modern spams, threats and ever occurring advanced vulnerable threats. 
  • 3. Keep a healthy relationship and strong communication between the IT team, SOC team admin of the organization, Email security vendors, and End-users by making use of a dexterous Incident Response team. By ensuring this, it’s possible to gain high-performance detection rates for your Email security solutions that may have proximity of almost 100 percent detection success rate. 
  • 4. Incorporate DMARC, SPF & DKIM checks within your ecosystem, and based on which you may select an email security solution of your choice, that will support all the parameters incorporated within your ecosystem. Moreover, choose your vendors wisely and make sure you implement the necessary steps in your Email security solution to stay out of the deceitful vendors. 
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