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Channel Next Signs Exclusive Distribution Deal With Perception Point In Middle East Admin October 19, 2021

Channel Next Signs Exclusive Distribution Deal With Perception Point In Middle East

Channel Next Introduces Next Generation Cyber Security Solutions to the Region New Value-Added Distributor (VAD) Channel Next firms its grip in the UAE by taking on the exclusive distribution of ‘Perception Point’, one of the most sought-after companies delivering advanced email and collaboration security threat prevention solutions across the globe. The product being a brainchild of Israel, considered to be the ‘Tech Capital’ of the world, and with UAE’s measures to encourage positive relationships with the country, Perception Point aims at delivering strategic advancements in economic, security, and cyber surveillance sectors by aligning itself to cater the technological needs of the relatively young UAE.

Channel Next opened its operations in the Middle East during the second quarter of 2020, where the region witnessed a significant shift towards working remotely, forcing organizations to fuel the adoption of cloud office systems and the use of other collaboration tools beyond email. The growing sophistication in cyber threats, the shift of content-based attacks to collaboration tools, and the continuously evolving email security issues are all post threats to the modern enterprise. For example, the use of social engineering to phish credentials or execute Account Take Overs (ATO) is becoming one of the common threats faced currently by any organization. Gartner studies show that by 2023, at least 40% of all organizations will rely on built-in protection capabilities from cloud email providers as the main line of defense, up from 27% in 2020.

Yoram Salinger, CEO of Perception Point says, “We are thrilled to partner with Channel Next and offer our solutions to enterprises in the Middle East region. With the rapid increase in content-based attacks across all over the world, we believe that our solutions can truly assist local security and IT experts in preventing any email or collaboration channel-borne attack.”

“We believe that the unique combination of an advanced technology, comprised of 7 layers of detection technology, with an automated and human-driven Incident Response service is perfectly positioned to help enterprises in the UAE in conducting their business safer and faster”, added Yoram.

Perception Point developed a suite of cloud-native solutions that provide full protection against any content-based attack, including malware, phishing & impersonation, and APTs, while keeping the same functionality, speed, and scalability unlike other solutions. The 2020 Gartner report recognizes Perception Point for the second time in a row as one of the leading email security solutions available in the market.

“The UAE is always open to new products and the dynamic nature of businesses demand the need for better and high performing solutions to address their needs. Our team at Channel Next believes in building a trusted platform by introducing new innovative and disruptive technologies to solve existing business problems and our exclusive distribution with Perception Point is our first step towards the wider goal” says Belgin Abraham, CEO of Channel Next.

“The product was thoroughly researched and studied together with the R&D team at Perception Point who hold merits of leading vital roles within the Israeli Intelligence Corps. The quality of service, knowledge, and response time are exceptional, and we look forward to introducing our platform Channel Next to the UAE market with an excellent product like Perception Point”, added Belgin.

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